New 'iPhone 7' box photos appear, inconsistent with previous leaks

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A set of photos have materialized alleging to be of the front and side of the new "iPhone 7" box, but some packaging inconsistencies with previous Apple works cast some doubt on the authenticity of the images.

The photos, from enthusiast site Techtastic, has a different font for the "iPhone" name, and different kerning as well. Additionally, the rear of the box is not shown, which denotes the specifications of any contained device.

While there is a wide range of variance in all of the "leaked" packaging photos, the current example appears to be outside that range, and could be from an "iPhone 7" clone, rather than actual Apple packaging.

An analyst's note on Saturday reiterated much of the existing speculation about the "iPhone 7," including noting the two shades of black listed on a pair of labels from alleged test units publicized on Sunday. Both new models of the iPhone are expected to ditch the legacy 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, implement the "A10" processor, and include an improved 3D Touch sensor.

The "iPhone 7 Plus" is expected to have 3 GB of application RAM, and a 12 MP dual-lens rear-shooting camera.