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Some Mac Pro support pages archived by Apple, will no longer be updated

Apple has moved some of its support pages specifically detailing the redesigned 2013 Mac Pro to the archives, and will no longer be updating them, signaling a possible refresh or retirement of the computer.

The pages detailing the port configuration, orientation of the computer, and recommended software and firmware updates have all been shuttered.

The external ports page was last updated in September 2015. The software and firmware page was updated in March 2015, with the Mac Pro orientation page most recently revised in December 2015. The external port configuration document was last viewed by AppleInsider in early August, and at that time it lacked the announcement that the page was archived.

Other, older documents, like the iPhone 4 technical specifications and a similar document on various, discontinued iPads remain, and some were last updated in 2012 or earlier.

Apple's redesigned Mac Pro was shipped after a long period with no updates to the larger aluminum tower Mac Pro. A longer period has elapsed since the release of the cylindrical Mac Pro, than between any other update to the line.

Revolutionary for its time, the GPU performance outclassed anything else available. Since original release, three generations of Intel Xeon processors suitable for a Mac Pro have passed, and some mid-range commercially available GPUs meet or exceed the Fire Pro series included in the computer.

While new MacBook Pro hardware is rumored for some time in October, there have been no recent rumors supporting an imminent Mac Pro refresh.

AppleInsider has reached out to Apple for comment on the matter.