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Apple employee labor law violation class action suit starts Tuesday in CA

A class action suit filed by current and former Apple employees over nine years — numbering over 20,000 class members — starts on Tuesday.

The suit, called "Felczer vs. Apple, Inc" will commence at 9 a.m pacific time in Judge Eddie C. Sturgeon's court. The proposed class includes every Apple employee at retail and in other venues with employment dates between Dec. 16, 2007 and Oct. 18, 2016.

Apple was first accused of violating California's labor laws in 2011 by four employees who claim the company did not grant required break time, meal time or issue paychecks on a timely basis. Apple's attempts to scuttle the trial since filing have met with failure.

"The class size continued to grow as the case continued on and time passed due to employee turn over," said attorney for the plaintiffs Tyler Belong in July 2014. "It is now over 20,000."

Counsel is seeking for damages and restitution to all plaintiffs from unlawful business practices as pursuant to ten California Labor Code sections. As usual, interest accrued and applicable attorneys' fees are also being sought.