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More reports suggest Apple's AirPods will see pre-Christmas release

According to some Apple Retail sources, Apple's AirPods may show up for sale in the next couple of days, but nearly immediately go on back-order, because of limited product availability.

Based on multiple comments made to long-time Apple journalist John Gruber, there is speculation that the long-awaited AirPods would barely make it to retail for the holiday season, but in very limited quantities. However, Gruber did note that the sources weren't particularly well-placed,

"They are getting very close to missing the holidays," said Gruber. "I have heard just in the last 24 hours, not from like a very well placed little birdie but from a birdie, that there's a possibility, that there are whispers in Apple, among people who work at Apple retail, that they might actually come in 'the next few days.'"

Should Gruber's data be correct, it lines up with what AppleInsider was told in early November by sources at Apple Retail and corporate as well.

Sources within Apple corporate told AppleInsider that there was "no way" that the company was going to miss a holiday season release. Additionally, several venues have received pre-release sets for review.

"We're ready to go any time," one AppleInsider retail source confirmed. "We've got a few pairs for customer demonstration that we're just waiting on the word to start with."

Additionally, in the end of November, Apple CEO Tim Cook also noted that the long-awaited AirPods were "finalizing" and expected to ship in the "next few weeks," in time for the holiday season.