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Facebook live video streaming app for Apple TV coming 'soon' to tvOS App Store

Facebook's rumored video app for the Apple TV has been confirmed, with the company declaring that it will be available to fourth -eneration Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV owners soon.

Revealed at the Code Media conference on Tuesday, the previously rumored video-centric app will stream from Facebook, including all existing content on the service. It is not clear if non-video content, such as a user's news feed or messages from other users, will be displayed inside the app.

The firm's Facebook Live live-streaming service, deployed as part of its native iOS app and online, has proven at least a moderate success for the company from a popularity standpoint. While Facebook Live content appears to be included in the new set-top app, there will be no advertisements at launch, according to the company.

Media companies and digital stars have claimed to be in talks with Facebook for some time to provide original scripted shows, alongside unscripted content for the social media network. It is unclear where the negotiations are at this point, or when any produced content will make it to the set top box.

No specific launch date for the free app has yet been announced