Latest Apple Park drone footage shows rough edges in wake of move-in deadline

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New drone footage of Apple Park in Cupertino indicates that while the complex may be largely complete, significant work remains — particularly in landscaping and on the Steve Jobs Theater.

Construction equipment is still present around many buildings, even the central ring, according to video captured by Matthew Roberts. Some of the "wings" on the ring are unfinished, and other work remains around the rooftop solar panels.

A few smaller structures are in a rough state, the Steve Jobs Theater among them. The above-ground portion of the building is covered in white panels, and surrounded by construction supplies. The 1,000-person auditorium is only supposed to open later this year, however — presumably in time to announce new iPhones this fall.

Landscaping continues to look relatively barren, despite more planting. Apple's demand for trees is reportedly putting pressure on the local market, forcing contractors to source from out of state. The final tree count is expected to approach 9,000, with varieties like apple, apricot, cherry, and persimmon.

Parts of Apple Park should already be in use, since Apple announced that workers would begin occupying the space this month. Eventually the campus will hold over 12,000 people, mostly replacing Apple's famous 1 Infinite Loop headquarters, which should be repurposed by other teams.


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