Hacker leaks Netflix's 'Orange Is the New Black' season 5 after ransom not paid

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Netflix has not responded to a hacker's ransom demand, and as a result, nearly all of season 5 of "Orange Is the New Black" has been released to illicit file sharing sites.

Over the weekend, hacker group "Thedarkoverlord" releases the premiere episode of season 5 of the show. NBC News reported on Monday that a "modest" ransom was demanded to prevent the release of the rest of the season.

"They continue to remain unresponsive," Thedarkoverlord claimed. "With this information in mind (and the fact that leaving people on cliffhangers isn't fun) we've decided to release Episodes 2-10 of 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 5 after many lengthy discussions at the office where alcohol was present."

Netflix so far has little to say about the release. In a very brief statement, the company says that a production company "had its security compromised" and "law enforcement authorities are involved."

A report from TorrentFreak notes that at the end of 2016, the group gained access to Larson Studios in Hollywood, the dialog recording studio that works on "Orange Is the New Black." Allegedly, the production studio agreed to pay the 50 Bitcoin ransom, but didn't end up making the payment.

Thedarkoverlord is not a new group seeking notoriety. The group has successfully hacked Atlanta-based medical groups who care for professional athletes, released data from Gorilla Glue, and leaked contracts and a video of a fatal accident involving construction company Pre-Con Products.

The responsible party for the hack claims that ABC, National Geographic, Fox and IFC are "on the feasting menu" for future video leaks and ransom demands The group also claims that the remainder of the season wasn't available as it was still in post-production when the server holding the files was penetrated.

Netflix is planning to release the entire season of the show on June 9.


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