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Apple releases tvOS 10.2.1 beta 5 for developer testing

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On Thursday, Apple released a single beta of tvOS to developers, and appears to be skipping a week for iOS and watchOS test builds.

As with all the previous tvOS betas, the latest version must be installed through a USB-C cable connecting the device to iTunes. There will be no public betas of tvOS 10.2.1.

No significant release notes accompany the new beta software release. The latest tvOS beta likely contains only bug fixes and minor revisions to problems, and previous versions have revealed no new features.

As of yet, iOS 10.3.2 hasn't seen a beta in the first week of May, but it was updated twice at the end of April.

The current tvOS build is numbered 14W585. The previous beta from April 24 was build number 14W5583a.