Workflow 1.7.4 update restores some Google-related actions to iOS scripting app

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Apple's first update to the Workflow app after the initial renovation in March restores integration with Google Chrome and Pocket — but others including Google Street View remain absent.

Additions to the app include the ability to clear and add music to the iTunes and Apple Music Up Next queue, improved support for dictionaries, assorted formatting issue resolution, and "other bug fixes and minor additions."

Still missing are the aforementioned Google Street View, plus Telegram and Uber.

Workflow won an Apple Design Award during the 2015 WWDC 2015. Apple later threw a spotlight on the app by featuring it among a handful of titles that deeply integrate VoiceOver technology.

While the company did not comment on what the Workflow team will be doing in Cupertino following the acquisition, and that still remains unclear, the employees associated with the company may be moved to the Siri development team. The idea is bolstered by Workflow's existing set of macro creation tools.

As AppleInsider noted in November and again after Apple bought the company, Workflow allows users to cobble together powerful actions by tapping into backend integrations with other apps. The result are strings of commands, or workflows, accessible at the touch of a button.

Workflow 1.7.4 requires iOS 8.0 or higher and is free on the iOS App Store.


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