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Apple Music loses important exclusive as Taylor Swift comes to Spotify, other services

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Beginning on Friday, the back catalog of pop singer Taylor Swift will be available on all major streaming services, putting an end to one of Apple's most useful exclusives.

An announcement came in unison with Swift's "1989" album selling 10 million copies worldwide, and reaching 100 Million Song Certification with the Recording Industry Association of America. Some services getting the artist's discography will include Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora Premium, and industry leader Spotify.

Swift's music will be available on both the free and Premium tiers of Spotify, TechCrunch sources said.

The singer infamously pulled most of her music from Spotify in 2014, upset that the company wouldn't limit it to Premium subscribers. Earlier this year however the service reached deals to pay lower royalties to some labels in exchange for two-week delays on some high-profile records, applied to non-Premium customers.

Swift initially took a similar stance against Apple Music, since Apple was planning to skip paying any royalties for streams during a listener's three-month trial. An open letter prompted the company to immediately reverse course.

In fact Swift became not just an exclusive for Apple but a marquee figure, appearing in several ads and a concert film. Her global popularity may have kept some listeners from switching to other platforms.