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Apple ranks among 'Best-in-Class' brands for loyalty in new marketing study

Among major corporate brands, Apple has some of the highest loyalty and satisfaction rates with the U.S. public, according to the results of a recent survey.

Apple achieved a 91 percent loyalty score, and slightly lower satisfaction of 85 percent, said marketing firm Fluent. The figures are based on June online polls of U.S. adults, using at least 2,000 to 3,000 completed surveys for each selected industry. Within those industries, only the 15 to 20 biggest brands were considered.

Apple is the "gold standard for practical innovation," Fluent commented. Its loyalty numbers are said to stem from a closely-integrated — and sometimes locked — ecosystem, meaning that as people buy more Apple devices, they become more dedicated.

Some of the only companies to rate above Apple included bulk retailer Costco, and big-box home improvement chain Lowe's. Costco in particular managed 95 percent loyalty and 91 percent satisfaction.

Fluent noted that within the smartphone, tablet, and computer industries as a whole, satisfaction was typically higher than loyalty. The margin was smallest in the smartphone world however, with 74 percent loyalty and 76 percent satisfaction.

Apple frequently ranks high in brand surveys, though in February a global Reputation Institute study saw Apple drop 10 spots to 20th place, something blamed on fading "perceptions of its governance and citizenship." Chief rival Samsung did far worse, plummeting from 17th place to 70th in the aftermath of Galaxy Note 7 fires.