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Questionable, blurry pics attempt to revive rumors of a 60-inch OLED Apple television

New pictures on Chinese social media have emerged of what is said to be a 60-inch OLED Apple television set — but there are significant doubts surrounding the identification.

The posts emerged on social media venue Weibo, and were posted on Twitter by Benjamin Geskin.

Two of the quartet of pictures show the device in an anechoic testing chamber, The original post claims that the device is a 65-inch OLED screen in a metal enclosure, with "two similar black spots" that are claimed to be for a camera attached to the television.

The pictures appear to be shots of a monitoring screen, showing whatever the device actually is on the screen. The only indication that the device is Apple's, is a logo on the back of the device — which is easy to fake either by a sticker or digital manipulation.

Despite the publisher's claims, there is also nothing on the pictures suggesting that the device is OLED at all.

Apple has said outright that it is returning to the computer display market. However, it is not likely to build a 60-inch one — and there are no other indications at present that Apple is interested in a stand-alone television.

Apple ditched the concept as a stand-alone after the ill-fated Macintosh TV was discontinued in 1994. There were Apple-developed tuner cards for the PowerMac and Performa 6400 and 6500 lines, as well as native RCA inputs for the beige PowerMac G3.

After Apple left the concept behind with the PowerMac G3, rumors started circulating in 2011 that Apple was working on a television. After carrying the torch for many years, long-time proponent of the concept Gene Munster abandoned hope for an Apple television set in 2015.