These stickers cover up the Digital Crown red dot on your Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular

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The Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular features a unique aesthetic decision, placing a large and noticeable red dot on the Digital Crown, that may not be appealing to all buyers. Thankfully, there are a few decent options for covering it up with a decal.

The red dot on the Apple Watch Series 3 comes on all models with LTE connectivity. That means the more expensive stainless steel and ceramic versions, which cannot be purchased without a cellular radio, come with a red digital crown no matter what.

While some like the unique look of the cellular models, allowing them to stand out from other Apple Watch versions, the red dot decision is not without its critics. For those prospective buyers, AppleInsider is here to help.

The simplest option comes from WatchDots, a company that sells stickers that cover only the Digital Crown and side button. Though they were not created for the Series 3, the design of the Apple Watch has not changed since it first launched in 2015, meaning the decals should fit just fine.

WatchDots come in a variety of colors intended to match various shades of watch bands sold by Apple. None of the colors appear to exactly match the watch casings (there is a black option, but not space gray, for example), but users may find the options preferable to the red dot on the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular.

Of course, the decals also work in reverse: If you have an older watch, or plan to get a Series 3 without cellular, WatchDots has a red option to mimic the cellular models.

WatchDots come in a set of 3 stickers in the same color for $9.99 each. If you just want to cover the Digital Crown dot, leave the side button sticker unused.

There are a few other options available, such as from SlickWraps, which sells a whole series of stickers that cover not only the Digital Crown and side bar, but also the entire chassis of the Apple Watch. While you may not need that much coverage if you just want to obscure the Digital Crown's red dot, SlickWraps are more affordable at $8.95 per set.

New stickers specifically designed for the Apple Watch Series 3 are currently available to preorder, but SlickWraps has not yet provided a shipping date, as the third-generation watch is slightly thicker than its predecessors. Presumably, stickers for Series 2, 1 and first-generation watches would also fit, if users plan to only use the Digital Crown portion of the decal set.

SlickWraps products come in a number of series, with various textures, each of them in a range of unique colors.

Preorders for the Apple Watch Series 3, both with and without cellular, began early Friday morning, and launch day inventory sold out almost immediately. The first units should may their way to consumers next Friday, Sept. 22.