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Apple may be looking to open developer's aid center at Paris 'Station F' startup incubator

French Apple-specialist media claims that Apple may be looking to expand its app incubator concept to Paris in a tech-oriented magnet facility called "Station F."

According to a report from Mac4Ever on Monday, Apple is looking to open a center in the new "Station F" facility with a "small team" to assist developers in the "creation and validation" of applications. On the surface, it appears that the move by Apple is a smaller scale version of other efforts such as the App training center in Italy — but few solid details are available at this time.

"Station F" is a 34,000 square meter facility that opened in June, containing a common work space, with workiers from Facebook, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Zendesk, and more on site — who all collect startups to work at the facility and collaborate. The facility is adding 100 shared apartments in three towers that can hold 600 people temporarily.

French billionaire Xavier Niel was the key investor into the facility, which is under the direction of the previous head of Microsoft's startup program manager Roxanne Varza. The new facility was build from a former rail depot built in 1929, with the venture saving the historical building from demolition.

The per-desk fee at the facility is 195. There are avenues for free membership, as well as a 900 per year fellowship.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is in France, and has visited iPhone X supplier Eldim, and developer My Little Paris. Cook is scheduled to have a conversation with France's President Emmanuel Macron.