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First look: August Smart Lock Pro + Connect with Apple HomeKit [u]

August's top-of-the-line package, the $279 Smart Lock Pro + Connect, lets people control a door from anywhere with internet access — and with HomeKit support, becomes fairly easy to integrate with third-party accessories.

The Pro replaces the thumblatch on an existing deadbolt in a process that requires about 15 minutes, at least in most cases. The Connect, meanwhile, plugs directly into an AC outlet, and serves as a Wi-Fi bridge enabling remote access and automation, whether through HomeKit or the August Home iPhone app. HomeKit owners must also have an Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod serving as a Home hub.

Another bundled item — the DoorSense — is mounted next to the Pro, and detects whether a door is open and closed, not simply whether the lock is activated.

August's app lets people assign owners, guests, and temporary keys, and also links with the company's Doorbell Cam and/or Smart Keypad accessories. The latter two aren't HomeKit-compatible, though an update should eventually arrive for the Doorbell Cam Pro.

The Smart Lock Pro includes its own customizable auto-lock/unlock functions, based on timers and geofencing. Through HomeKit though it can be integrated into more complex scenes, for example turning on lights and fans when someone returns home.

Keep tabs on AppleInsider for a full review, coming soon.

Update: August says it has yet to announce plans for HomeKit support on the Doorbell Cam Pro.