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First Look: Yale Assure Lock SL with iM1 HomeKit-compatible networking module

Long-time lock producer Yale has added HomeKit support to its Assure lock family in the form of the iM1 Network Module — and AppleInsider has the Assure Lock SL with the module on-hand.

The Yale iM1 Network Module that comes with this particular Assure Lock SL allows homeowners to lock and unlock their home using HomeKit connectivity. In conjunction with the Yale Secure app, users can check the lock hardware's battery status, manage up to 25 unlock codes, see the position of the lock, customize lock settings, name a lock, and add a new lock.

The kit comes with the lock in two parts, a discrete iM1 networking module, and all the hardware you need to install a deadbolt assembly or replace an existing module.

A paper manual included in the kit offers instructions on installation, as well as software installation and use.

As with most advanced HomeKit-compatible devices, locking and unlocking automatically with the geofencing feature requires a fourth-generation Apple TV or iPad with iOS 10.3 or later set up as a home hub. We'll be using it in conjunction with a fourth-generation Apple TV as far away in the living room that the door feeds into as possible.

Power is provided by four AA batteries, which are included. Should the unit lose power, it can be powered by touching a 9-volt battery to an external connector underneath the touch pad — and we will test this out, and how practical it is, in the full review.

We'll be installing the lock in the days to come.

The Assure Lock SL and Assure Lock Key Free Touchscreen with the iM1 Network Module retails for $229.99 and up is available from Amazon in oil-rubbed bronze.