'Portal' edition of 'Bridge Constructor' arriving on Apple's iOS, macOS Dec. 20

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Headup Games, the developer of popular construction-based puzzle game 'Bridge Constructor,' will be using the universe of Valve Software's 'Portal' as the basis for an upcoming release, with 'Bridge Constructor Portal' bringing element from both games together into a title destined for macOS and iOS on Dec. 20.

"Bridge Constructor" tasks players with building a bridge that will allow vehicles to cross a river or chasm safely. Working within a budget, players use a variety of materials with different properties to construct each bridge, taking into account where the potential stress points are in the structure to minimize the chance of it collapsing.

In this new version, features from "Portal" will be included to create new challenges for players, introducing obstacles as well as alternate ways of completing each level. Though no official footage has been released for the game, the well-known Portal Gun, which creates two connected portals on surfaces that vehicles can travel through, is expected to feature heavily in the spin-off.

Teaser images suggest the gels from "Portal 2," which can bounce and speed up objects that come into contact with the substance, will be used in some levels. Force fields, vacuum tubes, and sentry turrets are also hinted at, with the Ellen McLain-voiced GlaDOS' appearance potentially a sign the character will be prominent through the game.

Few details about "Bridge Constructor Portal" have been released by Headup Games, aside from its release date of Dec. 20. The macOS version will be sold on Steam alongside the Windows and Linux editions, with it also appearing in the App Store for iPhone and iPad on the same date, but pricing has yet to be announced.

An Android release is also scheduled for this month, but while versions for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are also planned, they are scheduled to arrive in early 2018.

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