Apple Pay may be headed to the Netherlands and Belgium

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Apple Pay functionality may be coming to the Netherlands and Belgium for the first time, based on a clue posted to the Apple Pay website in Italy.

According to, an Apple enthusiast site based in the Netherlands, Apple recently added Bunq — a mobile-based bank based in Amsterdam — to its list of supported European banks for Apple Pay, according to an official Apple Support website.

On the list, Bunq is listed under Italy, which has offered Apple Pay since the spring of 2017. When iCulture contacted the bank about the addition, a Bunq spokesperson told them they could not say anything because of restrictions applied by unspecified third-parties until a scheduled press event on March 20.

There have been false starts in countries before, heralded by banks in other countries accepting the payment service. However, this is the first time that this has happened for the Netherlands.

Apple Pay currently has 127 million global users, although only 16 percent of iPhones use the service, according to a Loup Ventures report last month.


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