AppleInsider podcast talks OS updates, interviews Yoav Degani of MyPermissions about Facebook, and discusses new iPads

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor and Neil talk about the latest OS updates, Facebook privacy in light of moves Apple is making, and Victor interviews Yoav Degani of MyPermissions, a company whose mission is to make privacy settings easier for users.

AppleInsider editors Victor Marks and Neil Hughes discuss:

  • WatchOS 4.3, iOS 11.3, TvOS 11.3, and HomePod all received updates. No High Sierra update as yet, though. Of note: WatchOS gains audio browsing on iPhone back, a cool portrait night mode, and we discuss the battery settings in iOS that are now available.
  • iOS and TvOS also have a new privacy icon, and a page introducing it to the user post-update.
  • Apple News takes the step to highlight vetted articles in a light blue background and pin them to the top, as a way of fighting back fake news. Clearly, Apple is taking into account what's going on over at Facebook.
  • Tim Cook spoke out about Cambridge Analytica not too long ago. There are times where Tim is soft-spoken, but he doesn't seem to mince words here.
  • Yoav Degani and Omer Yarkowich of MyPermissions, a privacy app for social media accounts, join us to talk about Facebook and others, and what they're trying to do to help users take back some of their privacy.
  • Apple is already working to comply with the EU's GDPR, and allow users to download their profiles and iCloud data.
  • Apple Health Records comes to Apple Health, integrating medical records from hospitals and doctors. Victor's already added two of the 39 participating hospitals to his Apple Health. This could be very cool in terms of users accessing and owning their data.
  • The Chicago Education event was sort of like a mini-WWDC, and Victor and Neil talk through the new iPad, the tools for teachers, and whether or not this will have an impact on Chromebook in the classroom.
  • Foxconn buys up Belkin, Linksys, and Wemo. Victor has some thoughts on the consolidation in the market.

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