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Apple worried about constitutional changes in considering North Carolina campus

Apple, though interested in putting a new campus in the state, is concerned about North Carolina politicians "meddling with constitutional amendments for political influence," according to one report.

CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams are being regularly updated on political developments, a source described as "connected to local government affairs" told the Triangle Business Journal. The claim was reiterated by a Triangle real estate source. Earlier this summer Apple was reported to be considering North Carolina's Triangle corridor for a future campus hosting thousands of workers.

The state government is said to be going "back and forth" on constitutional amendments. The Journal didn't identify which issue or issues Apple is concerned about, though it's presumably focused on anything that could have a financial impact, as well as topics the company has touched on before, namely LGBT rights.

Apple is no stranger to the state, of course. The company already has a data center in the state.

In January Apple said it was expecting to announce a new U.S. campus sometime in 2018. The facility should initially concentrate on AppleCare.