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Purported 6.1-inch LCD 'iPhone Xc' shown off on social media

Noted device leaker Benjamin Geskin has shared a quartet of images, showing off Apple's forthcoming LCD iPhone Xc, with three colors on display.

Slashleaks first shared the images on Sept. 6, suggesting that they were "clones" of Apple's forthcoming LCD iPhone. However, in a tweet on Sunday morning, Geskin disclosed that he believes that the devices are the real thing, and are some form of Apple prototype.

This is the second time in a day that the name "iPhone Xc" for Apple's lower-cost LCD-equipped iPhone expected to be announced on Sept 12. has popped up. The first time, it was spotted on Chinese social media, allegedly included in a China Mobile presentation about the new devices.

The LCD model has been long rumored to launch in different colors. Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in July that the device would ship potentially ship in gray, white, blue, red, and orange case colors.

Apple's "Gather round" event on Sept. 12 will put all the rumors to rest. Beyond just a new trio of iPhones, the event may see a refresh of the iPad Pro, and possibly new Macs.