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Hands on with the new Apple Watch faces in watchOS 5

Though watchOS 5 has been in testing for months, Apple did hold a bit back. Kept under wraps until Apple's September 12 event were four new watch faces coming to all supported Apple Watches. AppleInsider walks you through them.

The four faces are Breath, Fire & Water, Vapor, and Liquid Metal. Each of these faces can support up to three complications — top left (small), top right (small), and the bottom (wide).

All of the new faces can be viewed on the Apple Watch or from within the iOS Watch app.

They all have different options available such as different colors or elements. Breath has three different views such as classic, calm, and focus. Fire & Water can display fire, water, or alternate between the two. Vapor and Liquid Metal both have several color options to stick two, or two rotate between each time the watch awakes.

Apple's upcoming Series 4 Apple Watch has additional watch faces including Infograph and the updated Infograph Modular. Find out how to save up to $70 on pre-orders here.

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