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IBM open-sources Mac@IBM code, spreading tech to other businesses

IBM on Tuesday shared word that it's open-sourcing its Mac@IBM provisioning code, which should enable other companies to provision Macs using similar architecture.

Businesses using Mac@IBM can collect more data about their employees when performing macOS setups. Workers, meanwhile, can customize their enterprise enrollment by choosing which apps to install, including bundles of related titles.

IBM made the announcement at this week's Jamf Nation User Conference. It's unknown how many third parties may actually be seeking to adopt Mac@IBM-based code.

Apple and IBM have been partnered for several years, when they unveiled plans to develop iOS apps for other businesses. Since then their cooperation has only deepened, for example extending the Mac deployment at IBM that started in 2008.

Earlier in 2018, Apple and IBM said they would roll out in-app machine learning capabilities through Apple's Core ML platform and IBM's Watson technology.

On Tuesday Jamf said that its software would be used to manage the Apple devices of SAP, another giant in the enterprise world.