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Apple's AirPower charging mat launching 'in late March,' possibly in large quantities

Apple's long-delayed AirPower wireless charger is just around the corner, launching "in late March," a rumor claimed on Friday.

A component for the charger, GPP (glass passivated package) bridge rectifiers, should soon enter "volume" shipments from Lite-On Semiconductor, DigiTimes sources said. The manufacturer is in fact expected to see double-digit sequential growth in the June quarter, fueled primarily by AirPower demand.

Signs have been mounting of an imminent AirPower launch. Hidden references and graphics have been found at Apple's Australian website, and multiple reports have pointed to it being in production. Most significantly support is included in iOS 12.2 beta 6, which could mean that the only thing holding Apple back is the launch of iOS and watchOS updates.

Apple originally announced the AirPower in September 2017 with a broad 2018 launch window. That time came and went without any official news, leading some people to wonder if it had been quietly canceled.

It might make sense for Apple to launch the AirPower next week, possibly during its March 25 press event. That gathering will focus mostly on a long-anticipated video streaming service, as well as paid Apple News subscriptions.