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Apple expands App Store Search Ads to 46 more countries

Apple expanded the availability of Apple Search Ads into more markets on Tuesday, with developers now able to place advertising for their app in the App Store to target potential customers in an additional 46 countries.

The update to the Apple Search Ads website declares the addition of 46 territories that will show advertising in the App Store for apps. Under the scheme, developers can bid to have their app appear in the App Store search results for specific keywords, with winning bids prominently displayed at the top of the list.

The extra 46 countries joins the existing roster of 13, bringing the total number of countries apps can be promoted with via the service to 59. Apple last increased the country count in August 2018.

Apple Search Ads more countries notice

Introduced in 2016, Search Ads added promotional listings for apps at the top of searches within the App Store, targetable by keyword, device type, location, schedules, and other metrics. In 2017, Apple added a basic tier that catered towards smaller developers and teams, including a streamlined sign-up process, simplified developer payments, and fees based on installations rather than ad interactions.

While a relatively small business within Apple's overall operation, it may become lucrative to the company in its own small way. Analysts previously speculated Apple Search Ads would generate $500 million for the 2018 fiscal year alone, growing to $2 billion by 2020 without any need by Apple to push for growth or to increase its ad prices.