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Use your Lightning headphones on your Mac or iPad Pro with Anker's new USB-C adapter

Accessory maker Anker has launched a USB-C to Lightning audio adapter, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to use their Lightning headphones with any USB-C device.

The adapter is MFi-certified by Apple, and can connect Lightning headphones to hardware such as Macs, iPad Pros, and Windows 10 PCs, Anker says. This should include full mic and remote support. The company does caution that Macs may require a one-time setup in which the adapter is selected for output and input.

Anker is further promising 24-bit, 48-kilohertz lossless audio for compatible files and headphones. Digital fidelity is one of the main selling points of Lightning.

Lightning headphones are relatively rare though, since the industry — Apple included — has increasingly shifted toward Bluetooth, and sets with 3.5mm or USB cables have wider uses.

Lightning is featured on Apple's EarPods and urBeats3. Some third-party brands making products include Sennheiser, Audeze, Pioneer, and Radius.