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Disney+ touts more than 10 million subscribers day after launch

The new subscription television service from Disney has blown past 10 million subscribers within its first 24 hours of operation.

The new Disney+ launched November 12 in the US and most territories

According to CNBC, the new Disney+ streaming subscription service signed up in excess of 10 million users within its first day of operation. It did so despite reports of teething problems with he service that meant some users were not able to sign up or to stream Disney+ content.

It's not clear how widespread those problems were or how the number of subscribers might have been greater without them. Additionally, since a new subscriber gets a seven-day free trial period, it's too early to tell what proportion of the 10 million will continue once they are required to pay.

In a similar move to how Apple is offering a year of its Apple TV+ service to customers who buy iPhones or other devices, Disney+ is being made available for free to users of Verizon. Disney has also not broken out how many subscribers that offer has brought.

For comparison, however, Netflix added 517,000 subscribers in its last financial quarter. That company has been streaming video since 2007 and has a total installed user base of around 160 million, though. Still, Netflix had been expected to gain 802,000 new users in that time so its numbers are less than expected.

CBS took five years to reach a total of 8 million subscribers for both its Showtime and CBS All Access streaming services. And Hulu, owned by Disney, has a total of almost 27 million paying subscribers but began in 2007.

The Mandalorian is expected to be one of the biggest successes on Disney+
The Mandalorian is expected to be one of the biggest successes on Disney+

Apple has not released any statistics about its Apple TV+ service which launched on November 1. However Variety claims information that "millions" of viewers are watching that service. Apple TV+ also offers a free seven day trial to all users, and the vague and unsubstantiated viewing figures do not distinguish between paying and trial customers.

According to CNBC, Disney's stock was up over 3% on this news and on the same day, Netflix shares were down 1%.