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Logitech's Circle 2 is first cam to support Apple's HomeKit Secure Video

Logitech's Circle 2s became the first cameras to support Apple's HomeKit Secure Video storage feature on Thursday with the release of a beta firmware designed to upgrade units already in customers' hands.

HomeKit Secure Video allows users to safely store activity detected by the Circle 2 in iCloud and view live and recorded video from their Circle 2 camera in the Apple Home app on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, according to the Logitech press release.

Apple will store up to ten days of recordings inside of iCloud for one camera if subscribed to the 200GB iCloud Storage Plan, and will store up to ten days of recordings for five cameras if on the 2TB iCloud Storage Plan.

HomeKit Secure Video recordings will not count against your storage capacity. The 2TB plan runs users $9.99 a month which is favorable compared to third-party storage plans and iCloud also has far more features to back it up outside of video storage.

AppleInsider has already checked out the Circle 2, noting that the camera itself is extremely reliable, though its integration with Apple HomeKit left a bit to be desired.

Circle 2

Those interested in purchasing the Logitech Circle 2 can snag one from Amazon for $143.46, with free shipping for those with Amazon Prime.