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Gifts for her: these top-rated holiday gifts are perfect for Apple fans

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be especially tough if they already have the latest devices. We've rounded up a variety of gift ideas that appeal to pet lovers, fitness enthusiasts, smart home gurus and photography buffs that are great for Mac and iOS users.

Casper Glow

Sleep health is vitally important and few have invested as much into the space as Casper. With little else on the market, Casper launched their own bedside lamp: Casper Glow.

Casper Glow bedside lamps
Casper Glow bedside lamps

These small, intuitive lights turn on when flipped over and slowly dim and warm in color to ease you to a restful state. They slowly brighten in the morning as well to gently wake up, reminiscent of a sunrise.

They can be completely programmed via its iOS app, can be paused by pressing the button on the upward-facing side, and when shaken, will glow from the bottom like a small lantern for that late-night trip to the fridge.

Casper Glow is available for $129 as a single lamp or shoppers can save $28 by buying a two pack.

Sonos Move

When it comes to all-around speakers, it doesn't get much better than the Sonos Move. Sonos Move is intended to sit in your home like a normal wired speaker, but it can be picked up at any time and moved about the home, to the porch/patio/backyard, or anywhere outside the home.

Sonos Move wireless speaker
Sonos Move wireless speaker

Around the house — inside or out — the Move connects over Wi-Fi and can stream any of the standard Sonos sources or it can stream wireless from any Apple device using AirPlay. It will even work with HomeKit and automation routines. Outside the range of your network, it easily streams via Bluetooth.

Not only is it technologically impressive, but it sounds fantastic as well. So whether your gift recipient is cooking in the kitchen or out on a picnic, the weather-resistant, battery-packed, wire-free Sonos Move is the way to go. Find it at Amazon, B&H and Adorama for $399.

Belkin BoostUp

Chargers are a necessary evil in our lives so we find it best to commit to one that we love, rather than one that frustrates. Chief among those is the Belkin BoostUp all-in-one Special Edition wireless charger.

Belkin BoostUp Special Edition wireless charger
Belkin BoostUp Special Edition wireless charger

It has a sleek design with minimalistic lines and powerful chargers for all of your Apple devices.

There is an Apple-certified Apple Watch charging dock — horizontally placed to work with all styles of Apple Watch bands. Then there is the Qi iPhone stand that is propped up perpendicularly so that it is easy to see when a notification comes in.

Lastly, a USB-A port around the back makes it easy to charge any other devices lying around such as an iPad, a battery pack, or a set of AirPods.

Grab this premium charger direct from Belkin for $159.

Logitech Circle 2

Few things can be more comforting than the gift of peace of mind. Gift that with an exceptional HomeKit-capable smart home security camera.

Circle 2 smart home security camera
Circle 2 smart home security camera

The Logitech Circle 2 has long been one of our favorites with a relatively low price point, a wide variety of accessories, and the ability to be used inside or out.

Not to mention support for HomeKit. With HomeKit, the video stream can be viewed within the Home app and can be used to trigger scenes and automation routines. Even better, it now supports HomeKit Secure Video (in beta) which allows for iCloud to store all video recordings and reduces the need for additional monthly storage plans outside of iCloud.

Order the Logitech Circle 2 from Amazon for $153.21.


Apple AirPods are undoubtedly popular, but they aren't the only great earbuds on the market.

MW07 GO (left) and MW07 Plus (right)
MW07 GO (left) and MW07 Plus (right)

The Master & Dynamic are up there as well with a new light and compact design. They securely stay in thanks to their patented "fit wings" for lengthy bouts at the gym. Not to mention their water and sweat resistance.

They have an excellent fabric-covered carrying case and use USB-C for charging.

Alternatively, there is the even more premium MW07 Plus that go even further.

Pick up the MW07 GO in several stunning colorways for $199 from Master & Dynamic.

Nikon Z Series

Help your loved one take their photos to the next level with a dedicated camera. The Nikon Z series fits the bill with an impressive lineup of cameras for every skill level and price point.

For the entry level there is the brand new and super compact Nikon Z50. This is the smallest and most affordable of the new cameras. It features a great micro 4/3 sensor, a flip down touchscreen display for effortless selfies, and interchangable lenses.

Then there is the Nikon Z6 which as a step up has a full-frame sensor and is a higher resolution. It excells in its video capabilities and removes shakiness with in-body stabilization.

Nikon Z 7 mirrorless camera
Nikon Z 7 mirrorless camera

Lastly is the high-end Nikon Z7 which pushes things even further with a 47MP full-frame sensor.

Each of the cameras has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support to connect to the accompanying SnapBridge app on iPhone and iPad. The app allows transfer of photos to your portable device, the tagging of geolocation while shooting, and even remote photography.

The Nikon Z line starts at around $999 for the Z50 with a 16-50mm lens, goes to $1,700 with a bag, lens adapter, and memory card, and ends with the Z7 at $2,700 with a bag, lens adapter, and memory card. Discounts and special offers are available now at popular camera retailers, such as B&H Photo and Adorama.

Mophie Juice Pack Acces

If your giftee has an iPhone from the past few years, a battery pack from Mophie could be an excellent option.

Juice Pack Access from Mophie
Juice Pack Access from Mophie

Juice Pack Access is available for all recent iPhones and features an open bottom for access to the Lightning port as well as wireless charging support. Most battery cases block the Lightning port preventing support for CarPlay or audio output.

Pick it up from Mophie for $63.96 with exclusive promo code INSIDER20.

Air quality monitor

Help keep the air clean with a great air quality monitor. AppleInsider has reviewed several and have a few favorites that stand out.

Awair air quality monitor

First is Awair. It has a great, clean, modern design with a simple app and recommendations to improve the air quality. We constantly get interested questions whenever someone sees it sitting on our desk.

Then there is a medley of HomeKit enabeld ones such as the Eve Room 2. With these, you can create automation routines that perform actions such as turning on an air purifier should the air quality drop to an unaccptable level.

The Kaiterra Laser Egg+ CO2 is also HomeKit-enabled and monitors CO2 as well as other air quality metrics. It also has the most intuitive display for easy use.

Nab Awair for $172.93, Eve Room 2 for $79.82 ($20 off with clippable coupon), or the Kaiterra Laser Egg+ CO2 for $169 ($30 off via a clippable coupon on Amazon).

Petnet SmartFeeder

The Petnet automated pet feeder is a great way to help take care of your home's dog or cat.

Petnet automated SmartFeeder
Petnet automated SmartFeeder

This smart home appliance can be used to reduce a daily task, or as a way to help monitor and control your animal's intake by having a precisely measured amount dispensed at predetermined times. It is also great for when you are out of town and your feline friend needs fed.

Petnet will alert you of low food levels as well as if it ever misses a feeding for whatever reason. It is Wi-Fi connected so you can get those alerts from anywhere. There is a built-in battery so your pet won't go hungry in the case of a power outage.

To also help with nutrition, the Petnet app can scan the label of the food brand you use for your pet and let you know how healthy it is or isn't. Using their smart shop, the site can recommend a type of food that is best for your animal's age, activity level, and breed and have it shipped to your door each month. Or feel free to buy it on your own as you usually do.

The Petnet SmartFeeder is currently on sale at Amazon for $89.72.


The Activ5 is a great way to get a workout in — at home or while on the road. It is an exceptionally compact device that runs off a single battery and doesn't need charging.

Activ5 fitness device
Activ5 fitness device

Its strength sensor unlocks a litany of exercises that can focus on muscle bulk, upper an lower body strength, increase bone density, and more.

There is also excellent integration with iOS and even Apple Watch. While working out, your active activity is shown on your wrist and even counts towards your daily Activity rings.

Find it on sale at Amazon for $109.99.