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'Helpsters' pop-up appears in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood

Source: Parker Ortolani via Twitter

Apple is taking to the street (quite literally) to promote its Apple TV+ original series "Helpsters," with the company preparing to open a show-themed pop-up location in New York City.

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea and spotted by BuzzFeed's Parker Ortolani, the "Helpsters" storefront sits in a small nook on the ground floor of what appears to be a typical Manhattan apartment building. The locale is reminiscent of Sesame Street's iconic setting, perhaps for good reason as Sesame Workshop produces the new Apple TV+ children's series.

A "Helpsters" logo fronts the store's facade while promotional text and a large image of the show's main characters adorn two large display windows.

On one window, the show's slogan, "For problems big or small, we're here to help solve them all," is presented prominently above a line of promotional text reading, "Watch on Apple TV." Two yellow doors open into the space.

What, exactly, Apple has planned for the shop is unknown, and the interior is obscured by display material and Venetian blinds. While unconfirmed, Apple might use the pop-up for hands-on, interactive exhibits that mirror "Helpsters" episodic content. The shop could also serve as a point of sale for branded merchandise.

The show, which debuted on Nov. 1 as an Apple TV+ launch title, focuses on problem solving in part through computer software coding. Though not as advanced as Apple's "Everyone Can Code" initiative, "Helpsters" presents basic programming fundamentals and demonstrates how the tools can apply to real-life situations.

When Apple intends to open the pop-up shop remains unknown. Six "Helpsters" episodes have aired with 23 planned for the first season.