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Apple's Platform Security guide details how customer data is protected

Apple has published its guide to Platform Security for Fall 2019, outlining how the company's products and services work to ensure the security of the user, including explanations of how key technologies like the Secure Enclave, biometric security systems, secure booting, and core operating system security measures protect its customers.

The Apple Platform Security guide is a 157-page document that gives an overview of how Apple treats security across its entire ecosystem. The guide which details how security technology and features are implemented on the platforms, is Apple's way to reassure curious and concerned users that its products are secure as they can be.

The documentation is also intended to help organizations combine Apple's platform security technology with "their own policies and procedures to meet their specific security needs," the guide mentions.

"Every Apple device combines hardware, software, and services designed to work together for maximum security and a transparent user experience in service of the ultimate goal of keeping personal information safe," Apple writes. "Apple devices protect not only the device and its data, but the entire ecosystem, including everything users do locally, on networks, and with key Internet services."

Apple splits the lengthly document into a number of broad topic areas, titled Hardware Security and Biometrics, System Security, Encryption and Data Protection, App Security, Services Security, Network Security, Developer Kits, Secure Device Management, and Security Certifications and Programs.

The document is in fact a merging of other security guides Apple has produced, including the iOS Security Guide, macOS Security Overview, and the Apple T2 Security Chip Overview. While those documents would have also covered elements relating to Privacy Controls, Siri and Siri Suggestions, and Safari Intelligent Tracking Prevention, these have been excluded from the guide, with readers informed to visit Apple's privacy site for information about those features.