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Cook plans meeting with President Trump during Davos breakfast

Apple CEO Tim Cook and President Donald Trump

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Apple CEO Tim Cook will eat breakfast with US President Donald Trump's at Davos tomorrow, in a continuation of the rare and unusual working relationship between the two men.

The World Economic Forum's meeting at Davos, Switzerland is an annual gathering of major world leaders, including government officials and chiefs of industry, as they share ideas and broker agreements with others. For the occasion, it is typical for meetings to take place throughout meals, with hosted breakfasts being one such event.

Bloomberg reports Cook will be in attendance at a breakfast on Wednesday at the same time as Donald Trump. A source claims Cook and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty will be speaking to Trump about a campaign to promote the different ways people can become more educated.

The meeting is typical for Cook, who has conversed with Trump on a regular basis in an attempt to keep up a rapport with the president, one that has helped Apple in a variety of different ways. Chiefly, the relationship has helped Cook avoid the impact of import tariffs during the US-China trade war, by repeatedly talking to Trump about the business implications.

Unlike other meetings, it is likely that there will be some tension as Trump has joined calls from the FBI and Attorney General William Barr for Apple to unlock iPhones owned by the suspect in the Pensacola shooting. While there are claims Apple hasn't done enough to help law enforcement to access the devices, Apple has been reluctant to go further than it already has in handing over data.

The breakfast is not the only meeting Cook has held with others in attendance at Davos. On Tuesday, he met with the prime ministers of Finland, Spain, and Croatia, and has taken time to talk trade, iPhone security, and tax rules with various parties.