'Jamf Parent' watchOS app targeted at monitoring remote learners

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The new Jamf Parent app ties in with existing Jamf suites and gives parents real-time management over school-issued devices that may be at home now.

As school closures continue during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, schools are retooling the way they instruct students remotely. For some schools, that means turning to products like the iPad, which has long been lauded as an ideal learning tool.

Unfortunately, iPads often come with built-in distractions that could potentially hinder an unsupervised, remote learner. Jamf, a well-known Apple Enterprise Management company, has crafted an app aimed at giving parents a bit more control over their remote learners.

The new Jamf Parent watchOS app ties in with Jamf Pro and Jamf School. It syncs with a parent's iPhone and allows for quick management of school-issued devices directly from an Apple Watch.

"Jamf is committed to doing everything we can to help schools and families support remote learning during this unprecedented time," said Sam Johnson, chief customer officer, Jamf.

Parents will be able to restrict which apps and natures their child can access on the device, including games and social media, which likely would only serve to distract a remote learner.

They'll also be able to create a schedule that can help students help meet their learning goals and stay on track. Parents will be able to set specific device restrictions based on time, such as preventing the device from being used during bedtime.

Parents will also be able to track the student device location, perfect for keeping tabs on a student's location, as well as locating lost devices.

Jamf School, Jamf's mobile device management solution, has also seen new features added recently. The "raise hand" feature allows a teacher to see when a student requires assistance, allowing them to respond via chat or email immediately.

A teacher guide has been added, which is particularly helpful to schools that are just beginning to transition to remote learning. The guide includes useful tips and tutorials for teaching remotely.

Teachers will also be able to share learning materials, lessons, apps, and whitelisted websites with each other allowing for teacher-to-teacher collaboration.


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