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Apple to re-open lone Apple Store in South Korea with a focus on support

Apple Garosugil will be the first store to re-open after the coronavirus shutdown

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The first Apple Store outside of China set to re-open is in Seoul, South Korea and it will take on service needs and order pickups.

Apple announced that they wanted to begin opening some of its stores by mid-April, and it seems the Apple Garosugil of Seoul will barely reach that mark by re-opening on April 18. It is the only Apple Store in South Korea, and had only been open since 2018. The store will open with an adjusted schedule to ensure the health and safety of its workers and customers.

Apple had previously closed all stores outside of China in an effort to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Stores in China were closed during the onset of the outbreak, and remained closed for two months before opening again in late March.

Apple said in a statement that they believed it safe enough to open a store in South Korea, as their efforts to flatten the curve had shown great progress. Stores in the US are still set to open sometime in May.

The statement acquired by Bloomberg stated that the store will focus on Genius Bar services, but shoppers can still make in store purchases or pick-ups.

Apple has been providing aid for the coronavirus or making changes to how work is accomplished since the outbreak became a threat. Apple even partnered with the Emerson Collective to fund the America's Food Fund.