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Apple releases 2D15 firmware update for second-generation AirPods

Apple on Tuesday released its 2D15 firmware build for second-generation AirPods, one week after releasing the same firmware for AirPods Pro.

Apple on Tuesday issued a firmware update with a build number of 2D15 for second-generation AirPods wireless headphones.

The new firmware update for second-generation AirPods comes a week after Apple released the same firmware build forAirPods Pro.

It isn't clear what changes or under-the-hood fixes are contained in the 2D15 firmware. For AirPods Pro, it was thought to possibly fix issues to active noise cancellation (ANC) caused by the previous 2C54 firmware — which Apple pulled shortly after release.

Second-generation AirPods, of course, don't have (ANC). But in April, Apple shipped replacement AirPods with an unreleased firmware, which caused pairing issues for users. It's probable that the new update fixes that bug by ensuring all AirPods are updated to a consistent build.

Though there isn't a way to manually install AirPods firmware updates, the wireless headphones should update automatically if they remain in their charging case while connected to an iOS device.

Users can check what firmware version they're running by heading to Settings and navigating to General, About and AirPods.