Best iTunes movie and television deals for May 15

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Apple places movies on sale frequently, and this week is no exception. As we roll into the weekend, here are the latest batch of iTunes movie deals.

This Weekend Only: Swords, Sandals, and Sorcery

  • 300 was $9.99 and is now $4.99.
  • Labyrinth was $14.99 and is now $4.99.
  • Immortals was $14.99 and is now $4.99.
  • Troy was $9.99 and is now $4.99.
  • Exodus: Gods and Kings was $14.99 and is now $4.99.
  • Kingdom of Heaven was $14.99 and is now $4.99.
  • Gods of Egypt was $9.99 and is now $4.99.
  • Dragonheart was $14.99 and is now $4.99.
  • Clash of the Titans (2010) was $14.99 and is now $4.99.
  • The Dark Crystal was $14.99 and is now $4.99.
  • Movie release spotlight

    Movies release every Tuesday or Friday, and this is AppleInsider's new movie pick of the week. New movies can only usually be purchased without a rental option, or if it is a movie theater early release, it can only be rented for a premium.

    This week is a first time for iTunes, as a movie meant to premiere in theaters today is instead going direct to purchase. Scoob! is a new animated feature film showing glimpses of the early days of Mystery Inc. as the gang go to solve their most important mystery yet.

    Scoob! may be purchased for a premium $24.99 with an option to rent for $19.99. This price is a new high for iTunes, but expect other movies to follow suit as theaters remain closed.

    Weekly Deals

    Apple highlights movies under $10 each week, usually themed according to a major movie release. This week includes a recent releases sale, action movies, and book adaptations.

    Recent Releases

    Recent Releases
    Recent Releases

    Action Movies

    Action Movies
    Action Movies

    Page to Screen

    Page to Screen
    Page to Screen

    $0.99 Movie rental of the week

    iTunes showcases its top staff pick for $0.99 movie rental of the week, reduced from the normal $6.99 cost of renting an HD or 4K movie.

    This weeks rental of the week is Uncut Gems. Adam Sandler plays a New York City jeweler who is always looking for his next big score. When he finds what could be the windfall of a lifetime, he must balance his business, family, and encroaching enemies in his attempt for the ultimate win.

    Classic Kids TV Boxsets

    TV Boxsets
    TV Boxsets

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