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New 'Today at Home' session guides users through Clips entirely in ASL

The new Today at Home session on May 20 is filmed entirely using ASL.

Apple has added a new Today at Apple video session filmed in American Sign Language just ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

The new clip posted Wednesday, hosted by Apple Creative Pro Gus entirely in ASL, guides users through creating an infinitely looping video in the Clips app. It's available on Apple's Today at Home webpage.

Apple added the new clip the day before Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which takes place on May 21 in 2020.

Of note is the fact that Gus works at the Apple Carnegie Library location, which opened in 2019 with 20 staffers fluent in ASL.

The company launched its Today at Apple creative sessions in April in lieu of in-person sessions that were canceled due to coronavirus.