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"Designed For Accessibility" feature on App Store Today shows off Apple's push for equality

Apple's Website highlights accessibility on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Apple frequently celebrates its robust accessibility features, but to commemorate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the company has placed apps and developers in the spotlight.

Apple's efforts to commemorating Global Accessibility Awareness Day start with a banner promoting that Apple products "Works the way you do" on the main website, and range into various editorials in the App Store Today page. Apple likes to make their own operating system features known on a regular basis, but on Thursday, the company has gone a step further and is discussing what developers do for accessibility too.

In the App Store, Apple has their own page with editorialized content that highlights apps and developers called "Today." The stories for Global Accessibility Awareness Day include a few interesting stories highlighting specific apps and their accessibility features.

Apps shown in App Store Today stories
Apps shown in App Store Today stories

This follows Apple releasing a Today at Apple at Home video about how to use the Clips app, but done entirely in American Sign Language.

Additionally, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out a tweet stating that "accessibility is our collective responsibility" in acknowledgment of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Apple released macOS Catalina and iOS 13 in 2019 with huge changes to accessibility functions as well. Functions like Voice Control let you control your devices entirely with just your voice, and Voice Over will read content on your screen back to you.