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Safari will soon support web extensions from other browsers

Credit: Apple

In macOS Big Sur, Safari will support more types of web extensions and Apple is also going to make it easier to port existing extensions from other browsers.

Safari already supports extensions, but compared to browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, there aren't many available. In macOS Big Sur, Apple is introducing additional support for web extensions in Safari.

In a WWDC developer session, Apple announced something called Safari Web Extensions. Essentially, the browser will adopt an extension API similar to those used by Chrome and Firefox.

What that means for Mac users is that Safari will now support a much broader range of extensions.

Previously, Safari only allowed share extensions or content blockers. Going forward, Safari Web Extensions will make it easier for developers to code useful add-ons in technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Apple is taking a slightly different approach from browsers like Firefox. Safari Web Extensions will be packaged with native apps — though the apps themselves can simply be placeholders to facilitate approval through the App Store.

The company is also shipping tools in Xcode 12 that will make it easier for extension creators to port their existing browser add-ons to Safari.

Along with improvements to extensions, Apple has also enhanced the design, performance and privacy of Safari in macOS Big Sur.