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Display expert again claims 'iPhone 12 Pro' will lack 120Hz ProMotion

A ProMotion display could result in smoother scrolling and animations on an iPhone.

Apple's rumored "iPhone 12" models won't feature a 120Hz ProMotion display, a self-described display analyst claims.

Multiple reports, including those by accurate leaker Jon Prosser, have suggested that 2020's "iPhone 12" models will support the upgraded display type. The 120Hz displays are expected to be restricted to so-called "iPhone 12 Pro" models.

Ross Young, a self-proclaimed display expert and founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants, is bucking rumors with claims that none of the 2020 models will feature the upgraded technology.

None of Young's "contacts" could corroborate the inclusion of ProMotion displays on the "iPhone 12." Instead, he says that the panels will arrive with 2021's "iPhone 13" lineup.

Young previously said that the "iPhone 12" models would lack low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) backplanes — a technology he claims would be essential to ProMotion displays.

There are currently smartphones with 120Hz refresh rates on the market, and Apple's own iPad Pro sports a ProMotion display but not LTPO.

A higher screen refresh rate through Apple's ProMotion display would result in smoother animations and scrolling. According to Prosser, the refresh rate will be variable between 60Hz and 120Hz.