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Apple Stores now offer personal 'Shop with a Specialist' appointments

Credit: Apple

Apple is now allowing customers to book one-on-one appointments with Specialists at its Apple retail locations.

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Apple Stores that have reopened have new sanitation guidelines and occupancy restrictions. Some stores only admitted customers who had a specific product in mind.

To help customers from having to wait in line or getting turned away at the door, Apple is launching a new "Shop with a Specialist" option in its Apple Store app.

Booking a time slot to shop with a specialist will allow customers to browse a store with one-on-one help. Appointments are being offered in 15-minute increments through the Apple Store apps and can be booked by searching for a local Apple Store or through the "Shop by appointment" search term.

When they arrive at the store, customers will still be required to wear a mask and have their temperatures checked.

Apple retail has undergone massive changes in the era of COVID-19, with many stores across the globe shut down and all in-person "Today at Apple" sessions suspended.

The Cupertino tech giant has been cautiously reopening specific locations in the U.S. since mid-June. However, new spikes in coronavirus cases have prompted the company to re-shutter at least 77 of them.