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New Apple TV+ 'Greyhound' trailer focuses on high crew tension

Tom Hanks in 'Greyhound'

Apple has released a second "Inside Look" trailer promoting the Apple TV movie "Greyhound," with the new video providing viewers with more of an idea of what it would have been like to be aboard the ships during the extremely dangerous mission.

Subtitled "Inside Look: High Stakes at Sea," the three-minute video expands on an earlier trailer by explaining the viewpoint of the ordeal from those at the center of "Greyhound." As suggested by the cast and crew in the video, the people involved would have been under immense pressure, with the grim possibility of death at any time.

"Just imagine any way a sheep would try to ecape a pack of wolves and you've got a ship trying to get away from the Nazi submarines," said Tom Hanks, who plays Captain Ernest Krause, the naval officer in charge of an international armada of ships delivering troops and supplies to allied forces during the Battle of the Atlantic.

"That was the game of The Battle of the Atlantic" Hanks continues. "The Nazis had submarines, U-boats, and their job was to sink any allied ship that was floating at sea."

The video also includes pieces from military advisor and retired captain Dale Dye, director Aaron Schneider, and co-star Rob Morgan. Much of the video covers the weight on Krause's shoulders, which Morgan explains was due to having "a lot of lives at his hands, and every decision he makes determines the outcome of the whole crew."

"Greyhound" was released to Apple TV on July 10, but endured a somewhat turbulent marketing campaign. In an early interview, Hanks expressed disappointment that the film was being shown on Apple TV+ instead of theaters, but later he clarified his comments to say he was "actually thrilled that Apple TV+ is making it possible for everyone to see it."