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NBC's Peacock TV app launches on iOS but delayed on Android

NBCUniversal's Peacock streaming TV app on an iPad

The new streaming service has launched with an iOS app, but the promised Android and Android TV versions are suffering an unexpected delay appearing on the Google Play store.

NBCUniversal has launched its Peacock streaming video service, entering a crowded market that already includes Apple TV+ and the enormously successful Disney+. While it was immediately available to watch on iPhones and iPads, however, it failed to appear as expected on the Google Play store.

While NBCUniversal has yet to comment publicly, an unnamed source reportedly told Variety, that the app was ready and uploaded to the store ready for 08:00 ET, but for some reason had not gone live. As of 08:40, it is still not appearing for all users, but may be rolling out across the store.

Rather than a bug, this is probably more indicative of how developers have little control over when their apps appear. Apple's iOS App Store works in the same way, but in this case the Peacock app was actually released ahead of the official start date. It began to appear on the store from late on Tuesday July 14.

Peacock is a streaming service which chiefly aims to attract viewers by presenting programming that is supported by advertising, rather than through subscriptions. It's effectively hoping to bring NBC's broadcast model into streaming, although the company claims adverts will be limited to no more than five minutes per hour.

Nonetheless, Peacock is offering three versions of the service, with different price points. At launch, the free, ad-supported edition comes with 13,000 hours of NBC programming. Then a Peacock Premium (With Ads) tier, which costs $4.99 per month, offers 20,000 hours of programming.

Next, a $9.99 per month Peacock Premium offers the same 20,000 hours, but without any ads. There are also versions of the Premium offering available for different rates to existing Comcast and Cox subscribers.

When the Android app is available, NBCUniversal has arranged a deal with Google to offer three months of its Peacock Premium (With Ads) service for free.