Apple YouTube channel may have leaked September 'iPhone 12' event date

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A quick-acting AppleInsider reader has spotted a live "test" video for an event scheduled for September 10 at 1:15PM Eastern Time on Apple's YouTube channel — which has since been removed.

The video showed up in a recommended feed on YouTube which shows off current videos and future events. The video in question listed a live stream scheduled for September 10, which would align with the 2019 event by date, but not by day.

Apple confirmed during its earnings call, that 2020 would not see a "normal" iPhone release schedule.

The event has been predicted to take place on October 12 for the "iPhone 12." The "Apple Watch Series 6" and a new iPad are expected to be announced via press release in September.

The data for the video, seen in this article sent by Ben from Nottingham, England, depicted a Thursday event at 1:15 PM Eastern Time which is highly abnormal for Apple events. The iPhone is normally announced at the beginning of the week with pre-orders that Friday or the next. Apple also starts events at the top of the hour, so take the image even more skeptically.