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Colorado adopts Apple & Google COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Express

Users in supported areas will see this notification after updating to iOS 13.7

Android and iPhone users in Colorado will shortly be able to take advantage of the updated Apple/Google coronavirus technology.

Following the recent updated release of an Exposure Notifications Express system from Apple and Google, Colorado has announced that it will be adopting the technology. The state's Governor says it will be available ahead of a September 27 Denver Broncos game.

It's part of what Governor Jared Polis called a return to "quote-unquote normalcy," assuming that Coloradans use the technology and keep up social distancing. "These are really the ways we can get back to enjoying the things we love," he said.

"We wouldn't even be in the position to talk about being able to go to a Broncos game or playing fall football if we hadn't been successful in Colorado," he continued, "more successful than many other states, in wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings."

The state is urging people to download what they're calling a new, free app, but iPhone users won't have to. Colorado's EN Express is an Android app where iPhone users will gain the technology within a forthcoming iOS update.

Apple and Google's Exposure Notifications Express works with the same technology as used in the COVID-19 apps that support it. However, rather than needing a specific app from their local health authority, the system now lets the iPhone or Android phone display information when the user may have been in contact with someone with the coronavirus.

That information is supplied by the state, in this case Colorado. The details and wording vary between states, but each supplies contact details for treatment centers plus general coronavirus health advice.