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Apple Maps Look Around feature now available in Phoenix, Arizona

Credit: Apple

Apple recently expanded its Apple Maps Look Around feature to Phoenix, Arizona, allowing users to get a street-level view of the state capital.

Users can access the street-level imagery of Phoenix by searching for the city in Apple Maps. The addition of Arizona's largest city closely follows the expansion of Look Around to London, Edinburgh, and Dublin.

The Look Around feature was first launched in iOS 13, but only included select large cities. Since then, Apple has expanded the number of locales that users can "Look Around" in — with a full list of cities available on Apple's website.

As of writing, there are 14 cities officially listed as being supported by the Look Around feature. With London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Phoenix, that number is now 18.

In addition to major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Washginton, D.C., Look Around is also available in a trio of major cities in Japan.