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Apple TV+ 'Dickinson' season two airs on January 8, 2021, renewed for a third

"Dickinson" will premiere on January 8, 2021

On Thursday, Apple announced that season two of "Dickinson" will air on January 8, 2021 on Apple TV+, and the show has also been renewed for a third season.

The comedy series was a standout hit when its first season debuted with Apple TV+ in 2019. It was renewed for a second season even before it aired, and went on to win a Peabody Award in the entertainment category.

Season two will pick up with Emily Dickinson, played by Hailee Steinfeld, being pulled out of her private literary life and thrust into the public eye. The teaser trailer for the new season has the character asking "should I seek fame?"

The ensemble cast returns with some new surprises like Nick Kroll as Edgar Allan Poe and Timothy Simons as Frederick Law Olmsted.

The live-action shows that debuted with Apple TV+ have seen some delays in recording the second seasons due to coronavirus. "Dickinson" would have likely premiered on November 1, one year after its first season, but instead will air on January 8, 2020.

Apple saw some early success with Apple TV+, but it was given away for free with new product purchases and carrier incentives. For many users, this will be the first time they've had to pay for Apple TV+, so time will tell if Apple has made its exclusive content worth the $4.99 per month subscription. A subscription bundle called Apple One may help convince some more reluctant users to sign up.