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Amazon brings Luna cloud gaming service to iOS and Mac for select customers

Amazon on Tuesday initiated early access to the new Luna game streaming service on a variety of platforms, including Apple's iOS and Mac.

Announced in September, Luna is a cloud-based gaming service that seeks to compete with the likes of Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia.

After receiving "hundreds of thousands" of requests to take part in an early access rollout, Amazon on Tuesday launched the service for a "small set" of U.S. customers. The company aims to send out additional invitations as it slowly builds out the platform over the coming months.

"We are just getting started and need streamers and players of all kinds— core, casual, and first-time gamers— to provide feedback," Amazon says. "We want to hear what customers like, what they don't like, and what they want to see us build."

Those invited into the program gain access to the cross-platform service — available on Fire TV, PC, Mac, and as web apps for iOS and iPadOS — the Luna+ Game Channel, and a dedicated Bluetooth controller. Customers have to shell out $49.99 for the Luna controller, while Luna+ will cost $5.99 during the early access period and at launch includes access to 50 games. An Ubisoft channel offering the studio's latest games is listed as coming soon.

Amazon is an early entrant in the cloud gaming sector, and Luna's availability on iOS comes only after Apple loosened restrictions on streaming gaming products last month. As direct streaming games are not yet allowed on the App Store, Amazon works around the strict prohibition by sending app data through a web browser.

Gamers interested in receiving an invite can request access through Amazon.