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ExxonMobil rolls out tap-to-pay App Clip feature at gas pumps

ExxonMobil has added another way to pay at the pump with new App Clips, allowing users to pay for gasoline through the rewards app with Apple Pay.

Paying at the pump just got easier, as ExxonMobil has begun rolling out a new tap-to-pay feature at its pumps. By utilizing an NFC sticker, iPhone users can tap their phone on the gas pump and use App Clips to pay when refueling their cars at ExxonMobil gas stations.

The App Clip allows a customer to pay via Apple Pay without needing to first download the Exxon Mobil app — perfect for unexpected stops or when you're in a rush.

If a customer already owns the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app, the App Clip sticker will launch the app, allowing them to earn rewards for the purchase, according to Digital Transactions.

App Clips rolled out with iOS 14, and are mini versions of apps that you don't need to download to use. In a way, they're just web-based versions of many apps you already know and love. App Clips can be accessed in many different ways — through Apple Maps, websites, and even Messages.