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First iOS 14.3 beta adds ProRAW format, third-party app suggestions, more

Credit: Apple

Apple's new ProRAW format will seemingly arrive with iOS 14.3, alongside new third-party app suggestions, PS5 controller support, and other features.

On Thursday, Apple issued the first iOS 14.3 beta to registered developers for testing purposes, but quickly pulled the updates due to cascading server issues. However, some were able to download the beta before it was removed.

IBM developer Kye Maloy, for example, noted that the beta introduces the new ProRAW format. The format can be enabled in Settings, which will add a toggle for ProRAW images in the Viewfinder.

The introduction of ProRAW was confirmed by 9to5Mac, which was also able to download the beta. In the Settings pane, Apple warns that each ProRAW image is approximately 25MB.

Apple announced ProRAW back in October. The new format blends the capability of shooting in RAW on an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max with Apple's deep computational photography features.

It also appears that iOS 14.3 introduces support for the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller and the Amazon Luna controller, as well as a new section during initial iOS setup that will suggest third-party apps for a user to download, MacRumors reported.

That last feature will essentially suggest non-Apple apps to users before they start using a device. Interestingly, the section won't show up for all users, as code suggests that it would only appear to be "in compliance with regional legal requirements." Essentially, something to mitigate antitrust concerns or to comply with antitrust regulations.